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Woven Wire Security Cages

A woven wire mesh security container is one of the strongest fence options available in property protection.  Each individual strand of wire threaded through the other wires, and anchored into the steel frame.  The result is a structure that is easy to install, and very difficult to damage.

Potential uses for these security cages are extremely diverse.  Information technology companies use them in server storage, because they can prevent access, but allow airflow and fire suppression systems.  Landlords and condo associations use woven wire cages to compartmentalize tenant storage in common areas.  Military and law enforcement make use of woven wire cages for weapons, ammunition, or evidence storage.  These cages meet or exceed the DEA standards for narcotic storage.

What’s more, woven wire’s durability does not require a closed container.  Woven wire panels can be used as infill panels underneath railings.  Woven wire partitions can restrict access to a hallway, and include a sliding door or a one-way, crashbar exit.  Stairwells can also be enclosed, for safety and ADA compliance.

The Hartford Wire Works has developed an exclusive standard for woven wire mesh cages, Model 300.  The full specifications for Model 300 Woven Wire Mesh can be found here.

Whatever your need, Hartford Wire Works will build you a custom woven wire product that fits your space, in the color and size you’re looking for.  Take a look at some examples below, and then call us to discuss what you are looking for!

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